About us

OtcShortReport.com was put together for one reason. To track the true volume, and display in a coherent fashion the daily short positions of over the counter stocks. Short Positions for over the counter (OTC) stocks are hard to come by. At OtcShortReport.com we make digesting the information easy to understand, and add valuable charting and historical data. This saves you time, and most importantly it is all free!

We hope to help investors with understanding what is really happening with your OTC investments.

Believe it or not, most CEO's are not even aware that they are a victim of manipulative short selling!

We always look forward to comments and suggestions. If there are any features you would like to see, or anything we can help with making your experience a better one, please don't hesitate to contact us.

OtcShortReport.com "Free Daily Short Position Reports on all your OTC Investments"

Last Quotes

Company Last Price Change Daily Short %
TNHPF 50.50+0.00% 0%
TFECF 0.4151+0.0000% 0%
ASXFY 30.73+0.00% 71.43%
NVIV 9.27+12.64% 0%
NUEC 0.0006+0.0000% 0%
QCKSF 0.141+0.000% 0%
TFCH 14.47-0.07% 0%
EXTR 4.34+0.23% 0%